The University sent a delegation to the United States for future academic cooperation and agreements




The University of Nizwa sent a delegation of Prof. Abdulaziz AL Kindi, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and some college deans, assistant deans, HoDs and faculties to the United States of America. The visit is a representation of the University's eagerness to keep base with the up-to-date techniques and technology in teaching, training, and practical experiences.   

 The delegation visited several American universities and met the universities' chancellors, deans, specialised professors, and faculties. During their visit, the delegate was able to closely observe the applied aspects, equipment, simulations, and virtual laboratories which made it easier to transmit such techniques to the University students and faculties. 

The visit included exchanging thoughts and ideas on education, training, technology, and the different uses of artificial intelligence between the University delegate and the representatives of the visited universities which resulted in consultancy agreements in the fields of education and health sciences, and joining research collaboration.  

 The University, since its establishment, tended to be exposed to other universities' experience journeys, Prof. Abdulaziz Al Kindi, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, said, “The University has been always willing to obtain new higher educational methods since its establishment, thus the University has accumulated relations with international universities which privileged the Univesity experience to be leading in a short period. Such visits grant the University a leap jump in the higher educational journey to be among significant universities in the Sultanate of Oman”.